File Impact of fine-scale edaphic heterogeneity on tree species assembly in a central African rainforest

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Upload date 12 Jan 2017
Contributor Consolate Kaswera
Geographical coverage D.R.Congo
Keywords canopy; edaphic heterogeneity; floristic variability;preference; Subcanopy; torus-translation, habitat differentiation
Release date 13/01/2017
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Soil properties have been shown to partially explain tree species distribution in tropical forests. Locally, species turnover across space can result not preference; Subcanopy; Torus-translation only from edaphic heterogeneities but also from limited seed dispersal. To characterize the contribution of each process, contact areas between contrasted soil . In the present study, we aimed to test species and species assemblage responses to a sharp edaphic discontinuity in a tropical forest  tree community.