File Ethnobotanical Survey of Aromatic Plants of Masako Forest Reserve ( Kisangani, DR Congo)

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Upload date 27 Oct 2015
Contributor Justin Asimonyio
Geographical coverage Masako, Kisangani, RD Congo,
Keywords Ethnobotanical survey, aromatic plants, Masako, DR Congo.,
Release date 27/10/2015
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An ethnobotanical survey was conducted in Masako forest reserve, at Kisangani city located in the north-east of DR Congo in order to collect, identify and determine botanical parameters of aromatic plants. Forty three aromatic plants species corresponding to eleven families and twenty nine genera were identified. They are mainly woody plants and all of them are spontaneous. The majority of these plants are trees (77%) found in the forest. Meliaceae is the most represented family (35%). Mesophanerophytes (54%) is the principal biological type and the Centro Guinean species are the most represented (56%). Twenty two plants are used as medicines among which Citrus medica, Afrostyrax kamerunensis, Scorodophloeus zenkeri, Hua gaboni, Afrostyrax lepidophyllum are the most cited. Decoction is the most used mode in therapeutic and leaves are the most used part.