File Influence de chablis sur la structure de la forêt mono dominante à Gilbertiodendron dewewei (De Wild.) J. Leonard Dans la reserve forestière de la Yoko (RD Congo)

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Upload date 08 Feb 2017
Contributor Justin Asimonyio
Geographical coverage Yoko, République Démocratique du Congo,
Keywords Influence, chablis, structure de la foret, yoko,
Release date 08/02/2017
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This work is base or ecological parameter which influent the one dominant of bush structure of (jilbertiodenden deweireThere is many ecological parameters in the work that We have been working on two setting, are iis no disrupt setting in total of P 778 in dividuals gathered by 47 families and 117 speces and the Results are: For the abundance of speces, the most abundance spece of the no discrupt are: the spece Gilbersiodendron dewevre, with 95 individuals, the spece cola bruneelwith 28 individuals, the  remaining have a weak proposition the first ten speces represent 62,27% though the setting of the speces of disrupt the most abundance are spece Gilbersiodendron deweirewith 127 individuals, spece Monodora mynsnca with is individuals the remaining have a weak proposition, the firsts ten speces represent 61,78% out of 100% The most abundance families in the two"setting are: The Fabacerewith  166 individuals to no discrupt and 182 individuals followed by the Annonacere with 41 individuals to the remaining families have a weak proposition. Accoding to the result the most important speces in the two setting is the spece Gilbersiodendron dewevre and scorodophloeus zenkeri for the specific variety of the index used are: The index the shonno, simpson, fairly and the index of similarity of jaccord and soreson. Index of shanno for the nodisrupt setting is 3,197 and in the disrupt setting is the order of 3,054 The index of simpson is 0,914 in the medium no disrupt and 0,866 in the disrupt. The structure we present the density, the last surface and diametrical structure. The heghiest density of the families of two setting is the Fabociare The last surface in the two setting present a average of 36,92 for discrupt setting For diametrical structure the individuals number goes diminishing, whe are pass to super studies.