File Etude de la disponibilite de la ressource en Entandrophragma cylindricum Sprague et Erythrophloeum suaveolens (Guill. & Perr.) Brenan, essences hôtes des chenilles dans la concession de CFT a Kayete (Ubundu, Province Orientale, RDC)

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Upload date 08 Feb 2017
Contributor Justin Asimonyio
Geographical coverage Kayete, Ubundu, République Démocratique du Congo
Keywords Disponibilite, Entandrophragma cylindricurn , Erythrophloeum suaveolens, chenilles, CFT, Kayete
Release date 09/02/2017
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This  study  focuses  on  the  availability  of  Emandrophragma   cylindricum.   Sprague  and Erythrophloeum  suaveolens  (Guill.  & Perr.) Brenan, host species  of caterpillars  in the concession ofCFT  to Kayete (Ubundu, Province Orientale, ORC) The main objective in this work is to evaluate the resource of E. cylindricum and E. suaveolenS available to measure that is away from the village. Individuals  with  dbh ~  10 ern  inventory  are  carried  out  in  plots  of  5  ha each  installed according  to the  strata  along  transects  of  10000 m departing  each 45 0  one  another  with starting the plot of village chief The density of individuals to E. cylindricum  increases as one moves away from the village, unlike those of E. suaveolens distribution is pretty random. As E. cylindricum (Sapeli) and E. suaveolens   (Tali)   are  targets   of  choice   for   logging;  This   translates   into   a   massive disappearance (Ioss)of adult subjects following the market value of their timber coveted by the operating companies. The E. cylindricum  species has an erratic structure, however. for Erythrophleum suaveolens, the diametric structure is also erratic type exponential to hyperbolic trend.