File Analyse des conditions de régénération de Per;cops;s elata (Harms) Van Meeuwen dans la forêt naturelle aménagée de Yan!!ambi (RDC) Par

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Upload date 19 Jan 2017
Contributor Justin Asimonyio
Geographical coverage Yangambi, République Démocratique du Congo
Keywords Forêt tropicale humide, RDC, Pericopsis e!ata, Régénération Pageii
Release date 19/01/2017
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This work lies within the scope of a research aiming at improving our knowledge of the ecology of Pericopsis elata (Harms) Van Meeuwen, a tropical species with high commercial value. The global objective of this study is to gather reliable information on the ecology and the regeneration of Afronnosia in the natural forest arranged of Yangambi in order to propose the recommendation able to promote a durable exploitation and a forestry treatment of this
specles. Methodology used was alone of point quadrant to consider the coyer forest. Four months after the installation of our two ha plots in the device of Boyemba III the managed forest of Yangambi, our results are the following: indices of diversity calculated in the two hectares located in the aggregates of Pericopsis elata, in which we inventoried the individuals with dbh higher th an 10 cm, show that the forest has a low diversity; the similarity coefficient of Sorensen calculated to compare this floristic diversity in the two hectares indicates that the forests are the same (K= 69,07%). We noted a stronger concentration of sowings of the first class (S 1 from 0 to 50 cm height) in open th an in closed stands; and that the other classes of regeneration (S2 from 50 to 150 cm, S3 from 150 to 300 cm and R.A > 150 cm) present a low number ofindividuals, and even no individual (case of S3 and S4). ln addition we observed a short distance of dissemination (lower or equal to 30 m) of the regeneration of Pericopsis elata. Opening of the forest coyer seems to have a positive impact on the regeneration of this species. Pericopsis elata in the managed natural forest of Yangambi reacts favorably to thinnings, which stimulates a good number of stems of regeneration acquired (5 stems/ha against zero stemslha found in the forest reserve of Yoko). The duration of observation is too short to get complete information from this experimentation.