File Morphometric and genetic characterization of sympatric population of Clarias gariepinus and C. aguillaris from Senegal

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Upload date 05 Jan 2016
Contributor Célestin Mizani
Geographical coverage Senegal
Keywords hybridization
Release date 26/03/2019
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A sample of African Clarias catfishes from the Senegal River was studied using morphometry, allozyme variation, microsatellites and RFLPs of mitochondrial DNA. They all confirmed the

presence of two species, C. gariepinus and C. anguillaris. The two species were closely related genetically and no diagnostic loci were found in allozymes and microsatellites studies. Two of

the 11 haplotypes of mtDNA observed were shared by both species. Three of the four assays (morphometry, allozymes and microsatellites) allowed a precise characterization of both. One

specimen occupied an intermediate position in the analysis of the data; it was considered an F1 hybrid whose possible origin is discussed.