File Etude structurale et floristique des forêts mixtes dans la Réserve forestière de la Yoko (Blocs Nord et Sud), Territoire d'Ubundu (Province de la Tshopo, R.D. Congo)

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Upload date 02 Oct 2018
Contributor Judith Tsongo
Geographical coverage Yoko, Ubundu, RD.Congo
Keywords floristic diversity, woody group, Mixed Forest, north and south blocks, Yoko
Release date 02/10/2018
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The study ofthe floristic diversity of woody plants in the mixed forest (north and south blocks) of the forest reserve of Yoko, has interested us in this investigation in order to contribute to the knowledge of the biodiversity of tropical forests in général and the Congo in particular.

The approach ofthis work is to study the structural and floristic composition in the said forest.To do this, open the inventory was carried out in 4 ha using plotted longitudinal and transverse 100 m 100 m respectively in the two blocks. The two plots of 1 ha(100 x 100 m) divided into 2 smaller plots of 100m x 50m(0.50 ha).

In our expérimental design, we counted and measured (1.30 m fom the ground) ail trees with dbh >10 cm, which allowed us to collect the structural and floristic data for this study.

The results obtained are as follows:the surveyed individuals numbers are respectively 454 and 446 bars, which leads to the densities of 454 and 446 feet per hectare; grouped in 84 and 95 species distributed respectively in 31 and 32 families with a clear dominance of the species Scorodophloeus zenkeri, or 31.20%, for the north block and the % of Greenwayodendron suaveolens(14.20%) for the south block; total basai area per hectare are respectively 33.20 m²/ ha and 35.00 m²/ ha. diameter of the structures respectively give a curved bell-shaped curve and an inverted J-shaped.